About laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is the synthetic flooring product which is multi-layered and fused together through a lamination process. It simulates the wood or the stone with a clear applique layer which is under a protective layer. Its inner layer is made of fiber board and melamine resin materials. Laminate flooring are easy to install and maintain than the hardwood flooring hence their continued growth in popularity. It is also cheaper, hygienic, durable, as well as easy to maintain. Therefore most home owners are considering laminate flooring when renovating their homes as they give the floors a beautiful look. If they are kept in good shape and clean it can work well in your favor hence increasing the value of the home.

Make your house cosier by installing laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring fourways have a protective top layer that is resistant to chairs, high heels, dogs and cats. A decorative layer which provides a detailed image of high definition and the manufacturers of laminate flooring have the capability and technology of accurately mimicking everything from hardwood to marble then to stone. They also have a high density HDF and fiberboard which offers durability, stability and resistance. The melamine resin is used to offer additional moisture resistance and structural stability and an underlayment which absorbs minor imperfection in subfloor, softening impact as well as reducing the noise on the floor when walking.

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Laminate flooring are fade and stain resistant. It also repels water, making it a very durable. Laminate flooring is mostly preferred in bathroom and busy areas in the home as they do not easily tear. This give the room a shiny beautiful look. It has a balancing laminate and a coreboard at its bottom for dimensional stability. It gives protection to the floorboards from warping and ensure it remains beautiful for longer.

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